Biden was in Burisma solely for the job of his father, President of the American Institute of auditing

Байден оказался в Burisma исключительно из-за должности его отца, - президент Американского института аудита

The government and the oligarchs of different countries help families of American politicians to be rich for different kinds of favors. This may explain the appointment of the son of the former Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden hunter to chair the Ukrainian company Burisma, the President of the American Institute of auditing, co-author of “Secret Empire” Peter Schweitzer. He told this for the movie French journalist Olivier Berruyer “Ukrainian”, which was broadcast on the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

Hunter Biden was appointed a member of the Board of the holding company “Burisma”, the largest private gas producer in Ukraine, as the chief adviser. The son of U.S. Vice President later also will join the Board of Directors as a consultant on global expansion, and economic policy.

“As for the Ukrainian case, hunter Biden joined the Board of Directors “Burimi” energy companies with financial problems, in the spring of 2014. It is important to note that he had no experience in Ukraine, he had no experience in energy policy. I think he was the father, who was a key man of the Obama administration in providing financial and technical assistance to Ukraine. Thanks to the financial registers, we know that hunter Biden received 83 thousand. a month from “Burimi”. The problem is that corruption reaches global proportions. This means that the government and the oligarchs in other countries trying to hire family members of politicians, because I believe that to conclude with them commercial transactions, helping the families of politicians to get rich, they will get concessions,” says Peter Schweitzer.

In an interview, hunter acknowledged that it is unlikely to be appointed “Barismo”, if not name Biden.

Now the topic is particularly relevant Biden, because Joe Biden is running for President of the United States. The lawyer of the American President Donald trump Rudolph Giuliani said about the intervention of the former Vice-President in Ukrainian politics and its impact on the dismissal of former Prosecutor General Viktor Shokina. Supposedly Biden was asked about the resignation because of the investigation Shokin on corrupt ties of the Ukrainian company with his son.

In a telephone conversation on 25 July 2019 trump tried to persuade President Vladimir Zelensky want to start an investigation against hunter Biden.

Байден оказался в Burisma исключительно из-за должности его отца, - президент Американского института аудита