Big danger: this is why it is impossible to sneeze with my mouth closed

Большая опасность: вот почему нельзя чихать с закрытым ртом

According to the rules of etiquette we need to cover your mouth when sneezing if it occurs in the presence of strangers. But some people in this clamp not only the mouth but also the nose.

What danger is hiding?

In the British medical journal had described a case when during sneezing 34-year-old man closed the mouth and nose, and then complained about feeling like “a punch in the throat”.

Suppression of sneezing led to damage of the larynx and formation of air bubbles in the neck. This condition is called “crepitus,” and it harms the soft tissues of the neck. When the man closed while sneezing the nose and mouth – air at high speed into the inner wall of the neck and throat. He had trouble swallowing, a changed tone of voice. A week he had to spend in the hospital.

Doctors call the three causes of sneezing:

  • an allergic reaction to an irritant;
  • the presence of respiratory diseases;
  • reaction to bright light from a dark room

These causes can be fraught with danger. No need to keep the infection and allergens.

What are the consequences of sneezing with a closed mouth and nose?

  • possible unpleasant consequences for your hearing. Under pressure from mucus going, can get into the Eustachian tube which connect the middle ear and the nasopharynx and can cause inflammation of the auditory tube;
  • getting an infection in okolonolya way that may cause such diseases as sinusitis, sinusitis and sphenoidal;
  • the risk is increased intracranial pressure, which can cause bleeding. At risk are the elderly and those who suffer from vascular dystonia and weak walls of blood vessels;
  • possible rupture of the tympanic membrane because sneezing is sent to the Eustachian tube.