Bild exposes Putin’s propaganda carried out using drones

Bild разоблачает путинскую пропаганду, осуществляемую с помощью дронов

“A week ago, on July 22, the Russian-Syrian military and air forces launched a devastating air strike on a residential area in the town of Maaret-EN Nuuman in the North-West of Syria, killing 32 civilians. Another 100 people were injured”, – informs German tabloid Bild.

Soon after hitting the Russian defense Ministry released a video stating that “on July 26, 2019 Russian blah BLAH spent surveying the area. As can be seen in the footage, obtained by means of objective control, in the specified area completely absent of any signs of destruction,” reports journalist Julian turnip.

The publication studied the pictures taken by drones. “They really were made in the town of Maaret-EN Nuuman. However, they show an area located 400 metres to the East of the residential area, devastated by the 22 July,” says Bild.

“We are talking about Putin’s clumsy attempt to hide the army attack on civilians in Syria. Not without reason: targeted attacks on civilians is a war crime,” – emphasizes the turnip.

“The fact that flying at high altitude drone missed the real point of impact, where was razed to the ground several four-storey buildings, almost eliminated. The place of the destruction is just 20 seconds of flight from the area where the pictures were taken by a Russian drone,” reads the article.

“On Monday in the region continued presumably Russian air strikes on civilian targets. (…) According to the “White helmets”, which also supports the foreign Ministry in Berlin, from targeted air strikes hit Russian apartment of volunteer “White helmets” of Zuhair al-Raja in the town of Kafr Zita. He and five of his family members died,” according to Bild.

Bild разоблачает путинскую пропаганду, осуществляемую с помощью дронов