Biletsky: “Razdrogin” and members of veterans organizations decorated the presidential elections as observers. They will only observe and record falsification

Билецкий: "Нацдружины" и члены ветеранских организаций оформлены на президентских выборах как наблюдатели. Они будут только наблюдать и фиксировать фальсификации

“National squads” and members of veteran organizations will be present at polling stations in Ukraine solely as observers and record violations. This broadcast program author founder of the publication “GORDON” “visiting Dmitry Gordon” said the MP, leader of the “national body” Andrey Biletsky.

He said that “the National team” are not going to use weapons to polling stations.

“What are we going to do? Some of the guys in public organizations, such as the “national team”, some veterans ‘ organizations that are connected with us, – they are as observers. They will observe, and record falsification by all possible means. Our objective 31 – to arrest the arm, it will not work actually, not fights… We will not be able 31 to grab their hand openly, but we will be able to show that there was massive rigging,” – said Biletsky.

Presidential elections in Ukraine scheduled for 31 March 2019. The election campaign started on 31 December 2018. On 8 March, the CEC approved the final list of 39 candidates for the presidency.

On March 5, a press-the Secretary “National teams” Igor Vdovin allowed the use of observers from nationalist forces in the case of fraud, which will not react law enforcement officers.

The CEC appealed to law enforcement agencies in connection with the statement Vdovin.

The Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov on March 28, said that representatives of radical movements will not be able to disrupt presidential elections in Ukraine, because law enforcement authorities have enough forces to prevent such a situation.