Bill gates said that Windows Mobile could take the place of Android

Билл Гейтс считает, что Windows Mobile могла занять место Android

Microsoft co-founder bill gates (Bill gates) believes that today everything would be Windows Mobile, not Android, if not for the distractions and antitrust investigation, which got his company.

“There is no doubt that antitrust lawsuit had a bad impact on Microsoft. We could focus more on creating the operating system for phones, and as a result, today you would use Windows Mobile instead of Android, said bill gates during his speech at the DealBook conference, organized by The New York Times. – If not for the antitrust case… we were so close, I was too distracted. I screwed up because of this”.

He also said that the company nearly launched Windows Mobile (in fact, long been attending the communicators) on the Motorola phone, but has fallen behind by several months, giving Android a unique advantage. Although there were many factors, this 3-month delay led to the superiority of Android and the failure of any mobile effort of Microsoft, – said Mr. gates: “We missed three months with the launch of the Motorola phone, so yeah, winner-take-all”. However, even late, Microsoft still held to the policy, paid licensing Windows Phone and adhere to the maximum closeness of the platform.

Earlier this year, bill gates admitted that the refusal of the Android market became the greatest of his mistakes. But former Microsoft employee, James Whitaker (James Whitaker) has recently written a sharp article about the three different versions of the company under the leadership of three different leaders and the failure of the current Executive Director of Satya Nadella (Satya Nadella) to get rid of the toxic legacy of Steve Ballmer (Steve Ballmer) and bill gates, when no one dared to ask questions of their leaders. In particular, he wrote the following:

“The truth is that gates and Ballmer – children of the era, the return where you want a few, especially their successors. Both were consummate know-it-alls, convinced that no issue, no matter how sophisticated he may be, can match their intellect. No expert analysis has never been more authoritative than their own. No one competitor could not match the insight of their superior strategic minds. They specialize in making instant decisions and dominated over his subordinates. Considering that cries immediate dismissal of dissent and, as they say, throwing chairs – it’s just a “shock leader” misses a crucial point: they legitimize such toxic behavior, surrounding himself almost exclusively with the leaders of the same kind. Together they have created a monoculture confident energetic managers, whereby each Manager looked the same, talked the same and acted the same. This culture is maintained. Mention something maykrosoftovskie in the discussion about the terrible managers and have plenty of time to listen.

Fast forward to the present – the real culprits are still not named. We argue about the sins of the past, leaving the main characters failure in the side. Nadella talks about the management culture within the company reminiscent of the speeches of the mayors of the southern States, exposing the racism in the shadow of the monument of Robert E. Lee ( Robert Lee). Hard to get through the infamous era under the guise of the icons of the past and continued practice.”

After the statement of Mr. gates that only the distraction of his attention had led to a complete failure of Microsoft in the mobile market, James Whitaker wrote on Twitter: “This is the culture of a strong leader, which I have disclosed in your article. The price of monoculture “think like me” in Microsoft… Nobody dared to indicate that gates has lost the ability to understand what is happening”.

Some also said that bill gates explained the importance of conducting antitrust investigations, ensuring that no company can monopolize the whole industry: “”Without antitrust regulation, we would all use Windows Mobile” is the most important argument in favor of antitrust regulation”.

“United States V. Microsoft” is likely to remain one of the largest antitrust lawsuits faced by technology companies.

Билл Гейтс считает, что Windows Mobile могла занять место Android

Билл Гейтс считает, что Windows Mobile могла занять место Android

Билл Гейтс считает, что Windows Mobile могла занять место Android