Bills for water in the United States rose by 80%

Платежки за воду в США подорожали на 80%

Two-thirds of Americans can’t afford to pay utility bills.

Millions of US citizens can stay without water and lose their homes because of the lack of the ability to pay water bills. This is stated in their own investigation of the newspaper The Guardian.

According to a study conducted in 12 cities in the US, 2010-2018 years the tariffs for water supply increased on average by 80%. While two thirds of the inhabitants of these cities receive a bill to pay not. Most prices have risen in Texas by 154%.

“The study shows that increasing bills not only hit the poorest, but also, and increasingly, for working Americans”, – the newspaper said.

Among the factors that, according to the experts, have influenced the growth of prices – deteriorated infrastructure requiring repair costs, environmental issues affecting water pollution, and increasing energy prices.

According to calculations by The Guardian, Federal funding in the U.S. water supply systems since 1977, fell to 77%, with the result that local authorities are compelled to raise funds for the financing of works and equipment repair.

At the same time, experts point out, in the U.S. there are Federal programs for residents with low incomes that give benefits when paying for electricity and telecommunications, but the water supply benefits were not available.

Recall in Ukraine for more than half a million households without gas meters will see a high amount of receipts that will come in July.