Bio electronic implants will save the U.S. military from insomnia and diarrhea

Биоэлектронные имплантаты избавят военных США от бессонницы и поноса

The military and travelers two major troubles? violation of the cycles of sleep and diarrhea, associated with the intake of indigenous food and water. And if for tourists it is an unpleasant inconvenience, for a soldier in a combat situation lack of sleep and an upset stomach usually end in a hospital bed or worse. Once and for all to solve these problems, DARPA (Department of advanced research projects of the Ministry of defense) starts the program of creation implanted in the body bio electronic adapter.

According to the data for 2003-2004, about 40 % of cases of diarrhea in the U.S. army in Iraq and Afghanistan have required medical assistance. In the past diarrhea decimated army is much stronger than the direct fighting. To reach the field of battle in good health was possible not to all. Today it is not such an acute problem, but it remains, especially in a combat situation, where usually there is no opportunity to bring high quality food and water have to settle for what you can eat and drink near the location of the fighters.

Sleeping is also not good. Sleepy soldiers lethargic, inattentive, and bad serving. Sleep disturbance can be a consequence of loads and consequence of a deployment of thousands of kilometers, when the action takes effect of jet lag. Today, this struggle with taking chemical drugs, but it still disrupts sleep cycles and harms the body.

Program the DARPA ADvanced Acclimation and Protection Tool or the ADAPTER involves the development of bio electronic implants for the automatic adjustment of sleep cycles and to combat pathogenic bacteria that cause diarrhea. Implants should not affect the organism at the genetic level and lead to other irreversible changes in the human body. Alternatively, bio electronic media can be taken along with food and leave the body naturally.

The goal of the program ADAPTER? to conduct therapy inside the body. ADAPTER will control the circadian rhythm fighter, twice reducing the time required to restore normal sleep after disorders, e.g. jet lag. It will also ensure the safety of food and water, eliminating in vivo [within a living organism] five main bacterial sources, “traveller’s diarrhoea”. Both will improve the health and mobility of fighters“.

And what a dizzying perspective can be at such “adapters” for civil purposes! Especially in restoring sleep cycles. Waiting, waiting.