BioWare has reported the launch VIP demo Anthem – problems are solved, and players will be given free skin

BioWare отчиталась о старте VIP-демо Anthem - проблемы решают, а игрокам дадут бесплатный скин

This weekend was the period of access to the VIP demo Anthem. During this time players are faced with several challenges, which prevented a full test the game. Head of live services BioWare Chad Robertson (Chad Robertson) is aware of the problems – yesterday, he dedicated an entire issue of the blog.

First and foremost Robertson has denied speculation that the incident is the root of all problems is the insufficient capacity of servers. According to him, the company took care of everything, providing excess capacity to the increasing number of users Anthem could provide free games.

Among all the areas in which concern, Robertson identified the three most significant:

The connection with the platform. Players sometimes would not be able to log on to the server. The reason was a surge in the number of users. BioWare is already working to address this problem.

Unique rights. They allow gamers to access demos and encouragement for pre-order. Some combination of such rights has blocked access to a demo. The company believes that it has eliminated most of the problems, but still working on a complete fix.

Infinite load. This trouble has happened to some users when the departure of the expedition from Fort Tarsis. The matter is compounded by differences between providers and home networks. The Studio notes that to solve this problem is difficult. Therefore, to fix will take some time.

Robertson promised that participated in the VIP demos of players on the launch of Anthem will receive an additional skin for javelina as a sign of gratitude for your patience. In addition, he said the high popularity of demo. So, this weekend broadcast live on the game to compete with the regular tops Twitch Fortnite. In peak time over the stream at the same time was watched by 300 million viewers who watched 100 million minutes.

To check, get rid of the developers from the problems, everyone will be able from 1 to 3 February will be available open demo action. The output of the Anthem will take place on February 22 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

BioWare отчиталась о старте VIP-демо Anthem - проблемы решают, а игрокам дадут бесплатный скин