Birds of prey: Margot Robbie in the image of Harley Quinn

Хищные птицы: Марго Робби в образе Харли Квинн

“You missed me?” both signed Margot Robbie new photo on instagram in which she again tried on the image of the super heroines of the DC universe Harley Quinn. But this does not mean that the actress is nostalgic for the filming of “suicide Squad” – she’s now busy in the shooting of the new film. It’s called “birds of Prey” and its main character is Quinn, who assembles a team of no less bold girls who will fight with the leader of Gotham.

Fans delighted with this unexpected selfie of the beloved actress. Eight hours, the photo gained 2.5 million likes and a lot of enthusiastic responses. By the way, several hours after the selfie Robbie came and the official anticipated premiere. It will be held on February 6, 2020.

In addition to Margot Robbie in “birds of Prey” will also play Elizabeth Winstead. Smollett, who will fight with Harley Quinn in the same team. By the way, the anti-hero Black mask will play Ewan McGregor.