Birthday sting: five hits of the iconic British singer

День рождения Стинга: пять культовых хитов британского певца

October 2, the popular British singer sting celebrates his birthday. His songs listening to different generations and every year they do not lose their relevance and popularity.

In honor of the 68th anniversary of sting, the editors LifeStyle 24 have prepared a selection of the most iconic hits of the British singer.

Five hits of sting


Single from their second Studio album, sting’s “Nothing Like the Sun”, which was the best record in the opinion of the Brit Awards in 1988. In addition to the English version musician was the recorded version of the song in Spanish and Portuguese – Fragilidad and Fragil. Song dedication of the American engineer, who died at the hands of the opposition while working on a hydroelectric project in Nicaragua. The Studio version of Fragile has become one of the main cards of the sting, through which it learned of the world.

Sting Fragile: video

Englishman in New York

Another hit, which was released on the album “Nothing Like the Sun”. Song dedicated to the writer Quentin Crisp, whom sting became friends after crisp moved from London to Manhattan. The track was born when one day Quentin crisp wrote the musician jokingly: “… I look forward to receiving the citizenship papers in order to commit a crime and not be deported”.

The main idea of the song – “be yourself, despite what others say,” it is entirely consistent with the way of life that was led by Quentin crisp.

Sting Englishman in New York: video

Shape of My Heart

The song that most fans learned thanks to Luc Besson’s film “Leon” and which was included in the album “Ten Summoner’s Tales” that was released in 1993. Co-author of the song was guitarist Dominic Miller, who showed Sting the same guitar riff and sang on a Spanish acoustic guitar. When Miller first played the song to Sting, he is impressed by what he heard tunes, went for a walk along the river and through the woods, hoping to come up with an idea for a verse. When the musician returned from a walk to the Studio, and the text and structure of the new songs were already almost fully formed.

Sting Shape of My Heart: video

Desert Rose

One of the most famous duets sting, recorded with Algerian singer Sheb Mami. The hit on the album Brand New Day and visited at the 15th place in the top 20 on the UK Singles Chart on 17 spot on the Billboard Hot 100, reaching success in Switzerland and Italy.

Sting Desert Rose: video

Fields of Gold

The fourth single from sting’s album “Ten Summoner’s Tales”. Like all other songs on this disc, Fields of Gold was recorded at Lake House, Wiltshire, mixed at The Townhouse Studio, London and mastered at Masterdisk studios, new York. The song topped many international charts and became a hit in many countries including Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland and others.

Sting Fields of Gold: video