Bitch mother? Zhanna Friske left behind “obsessive” sister

Сучью мать? Жанна Фриске оставила после себя «одержимую» сестру

The solitude brought Natalia to the crazy passion for their Pets: calls the children, licks, sleeping in the same bed.

Sister of the late singer Zhanna Friske Natalia was unable to find a decent man for joint residing and creation of family. The girl bought two dogs, called their children.

Among experts common a thing as “the replacement syndrome” families for animals. However, most often this happens more in older women who give birth to small dogs or cats.

Natalia, you can say bitch mother, Zhanna Friske left behind “obsessive” sister, sometimes her Instagram stories skips controversial videos. Sleeping in the same bed, passes food from mouth into the mouth of animals, as well as kissing.

Perhaps, if the spouse of Jeanne let her see her nephew – a little Plato – that this would not have happened, it would be to take care of. This behavior is alarming, because the girl is only 32 years old. It is also worth noting that you could get the glory as her sister during participation in the group “Brilliant”.

However, Natalia is now working in the beauty industry and does permanent makeup. The girl does not complain about his life, but actively demonstrates that is in an active search revealing outfits and behavior at parties drunk.

Сучью мать? Жанна Фриске оставила после себя «одержимую» сестру

Сучью мать? Жанна Фриске оставила после себя «одержимую» сестру