Bitcoin Cash comes in after halving

Bitcoin Cash приходит в себя после халвинга

After Bitcoin Cash held halving your network, the speed of his Hasrat staged a crazy swing. Periodically Hasrat speed rapidly decreases, slowing down the generation unit.

Many predicted that some of the miners will abandon the BCH and move on to a more profitable coin is BTC after their reward will be halved from 12.5 to 6.25 BCH. But as the figure Hasrat then rises, falls with each passing day, BCH data is open to interpretation. shows drop Hasrat BCH by 60% from 4.36 EH/s yesterday to 1.6 EH/s at the time of writing. On the resource Coinwarz his fall happened to 3.9944 EH/s to 2.4595 EH/s, whereas in the diagram in fact, the rate of speed increases to 3.5 EH/s.

In a report published on 1 APR, Arcane Research noted that there is a real risk of reducing Hasrat after halving, providing that “after the reduction of remuneration will be price volatility and Hasrat”.

Cryptocurrency analysts have also noticed a gap between the blocks. The research team BitMEX said in his Twitter account that the time between the block and 630000 630001 was about 2 hours, then as usual to generate the BCH block takes ten minutes.

“When Bitcoin Cash was at the height of the block 630000, held halving. The reward per block has decreased to 6.25 BCH “.

At the time of this writing, the network had produced 78 units, and the generation time returned to 10-20 minutes.

BCH price for the week increased by more than 17%, but in the last 24 hours decreased by 2,93%.

Although some focus only on price, many are concerned what will happen to hasraton. Although some miners BCH may refuse the coins to get the best income from mining BTC miner Bitcoin Cash argued in the past that they are willing to losing the main capital to keep the price as it was during the “Hasrat-war” in 2018.

User “Blockchain Lawyer” on Reddit summed it up as: “the only thing that keeps BCH afloat is a cryptocurrency miners and irrational”.

The following halving BCH will be held in 2024, and bitcoin (PTS) carry out your halving, which many expect next month.