Bitcoin exchange rate rushed up: capitalization of the stock market rose sharply

Курс биткоина рванул вверх: капитализация крипторынка резко выросла

The bitcoin exchange rate on 19 February 2019 Tuesday, made a run and broke through the level of 3600, altcoins went up behind the main cryptocurrency

Total market capitalization of cryptocurrency per day grew by 11 billion to a level 132,856 billion. The capitalization of the bitcoin is at the level of 68,999 billion, a gain for the day amounted to 5 billion dollars.

Monday February 18, as at 19:00, bitcoin exchange rate BTC/USD is at a level of 3894 USD. Bitcoin price increased by $ 300 compared to yesterday.

Bitcoin on Monday began rapidly to rise, adding to the price of 2.3% and breaking the mark of 3800 dollars. Before a week the exchange rate of bitcoin stood still around 3600.

The exchange rate of the cryptocurrency in the top ten growing main digital currency. Bitcoin Cahs rose 4.85% to 130.24 dollars, the price of Ripple rose by 2.28% to $ 0.311. Ethereum has risen for the day at 3.56% to 139 USD, Bitcoin Gold added in the price of 12.15%, and one coin offer $ 12.

The bitcoin exchange rate on 19 Feb 2019

As previously reported, cryptoexpert and founder of Morgan Creek Digital Assets Anthony Pompliano stated that bitcoin is a sleeping giant, who at any moment could Wake up and surpass the performance of global transactional leaders. Pompliano, who was always a staunch supporter of the cryptocurrency, noted the advantages of the development of bitcoin as the payment system could soon surpass those of such leaders transactional payment transactions, as Visa and Mastercard.

As demonstrated by the results of a study of the company Diar, miners bitcoin received in 2018 5.8 billion dollars in revenue. Compared to the leading traditional companies, bitcoin income holds a firm place in the middle of the list, despite the fact that the technology is still developing.

According to Pompliano, now everything is considered bitcoin mainly as a digital currency, but pay little attention to network, intended for the calculation. Although the blockchain-BTC network is becoming one of “the most unique events in the history of Finance.”

Курс биткоина рванул вверх: капитализация крипторынка резко выросла