Bitcoin exchange rate: the stock market continues to fall

Курс биткоина: на крипторынке продолжается падение

The bitcoin exchange rate on January 26, 2019 Saturday, held near the 3500 level, the market is waiting for further fall

Total market capitalization of crypto-currencies decreased to 119,148 billion. Capitalization of bitcoin is 62,929 billion.

On Friday, January 25th, as of 19:00, bitcoin exchange rate BTC/USD is at the level of 3579 dollars. Bitcoin price increased by $ 20 in comparison with yesterday.

Experts believe that bitcoin, if can return to the level of $20,000, then no earlier than 10?11. But for this digital currency should start taking millions of people. To save bitcoin will the arrival on the stock market of institutional investors who are interested in complex trading strategies and instruments.

Meanwhile, analysts predict that the rate of bitcoin will decrease in the near future to 2400 dollars. If the bearish trend in the market continues, the bitcoin exchange rate can fall below $ 1260.

As it became known, the Chicago Board options exchange (Cboe) has withdrawn an application to modify the rules without it exchange won’t be able to release on its site bitcoin ETFs, offered by firms VanEck and SolidX. The SEC has several times shifted the timing of the decision. The final date of the verdict should be February 27, 2019.

The bitcoin exchange rate on 26 Jan 2019

As reported, the expert and Executive Director of PayPal, Dan Schulman, said that bitcoin should not be considered as a real currency. He is sceptical about the wide use of bitcoin in trade and notes that a very small number of retailers accept the cryptocurrency.

Interest is behind the digital currency technology. The main function of the cryptocurrency, according to Shulman, is to demonstrate the capabilities of blockchain technology.

Previously, Shulman has stated that consumers in the near future will see the exchange of cryptocurrency in your PayPal Venmo. A wild ride of bitcoin prices is the main reason for the reluctance to contact the cryptocurrency.

Курс биткоина: на крипторынке продолжается падение