BITCOIN: how to buy, how to earn

BITCOIN: как его покупают, как на нем зарабатывают

In 2010, only appearing, BITCOIN sold for less than $1. Then believe in cryptocurrency units that subsequently it was also upgraded when the price for the digital money in 2017 soared to an unheard of $20 thousand Now the rate ranges from $9121 – $10493, but it’s unstable and continues to grow. What will happen in the future, nobody knows, though all hope that the trend will continue, and, as before, the cost will increase. Anyway, it was after the previous chalangov.

Halving, mining and other terms related to BITCOIN

Cryptocurrency is impossible to feel – physically it does not exist. There are only registries (baccani), which displays information about who and how BITCOIN and where they are transferred.

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  • Mining is the process of mining cryptocurrency. In fact, it is the decision of mathematical problems by computer, which are awarded BITCOIN. In practice, this may look like the following: somewhere in China the buyer pays the bill at the pizzeria cryptocurrency. In order for the operation to appear in the blockchain, it is necessary to calculate a special signature (solve the problem). With the task copes the computer connected to the network baconboy somewhere abroad. As a reward to its owner are awarded bitcoins.
  • Havinga means a decrease of remuneration for mining for each mined block is halved (the blocks contain information on transactions and are embedded in the network of the blockchain). Is halving every 4 years is laid down in the Protocol of the network to control the issue of digital money and keep their inflation.

Interestingly, after halving the number of BITCOIN produced is reduced, which makes the asset more desirable. So there are new miners and buyers of the digital currency and its price continues to rise. By the way, bitcoin has already been called the best investment of the decade – according to Bank of America Securities, investors received from him an unheard-of investment growth.

In Fundstrat believe that after halving on the backdrop of the spread of coronavirus infection, the rate can go up and does up to 300%, and the bitcoin to rise to $40 thousand

Investing in BITCOIN: what you need to know

There are many success stories of the owners of the cryptocurrency. One of the most known – about student Christopher Koch from Norway. In 2009, he has invested in bitcoins $24 and forgot about them. In 2013, when the new currency is actively talking to the media, remember. Christopher has gone on his account and saw that the cost of bitcoin has grown to $885 thousand Subsequently removing 20% of the money he bought a two-bedroom apartment in Oslo.

But there is always a downside. Cryptocurrency is not only highly profitable but risky method of earning. So, you need to carefully choose the services to buy bitcoin, and then to analyze the situation on the market (the rate jumps, the price rises, falls), well to trade. Or simply invest in this asset is not the money. Then if there is growth, the owner of a BITCOIN wins, and if recession, at least not left with nothing.