Bitcoin is already at $ 12

Bitcoin - уже по 12 тысяч долларов

World’s most famous cryptocurrency – Bitcoin has shown its vitality, and with it new growth.

In recent days the Bitcoin exchange rate has exceeded 12 thousand us dollars for the first time since August 2019.

Further, the participants themselves seemed afraid of the potential of cryptocurrency, and the price fell back to 11 080 dollars per Bitcoin.

However, in the face of fairly stable growth of interest and, therefore, cost.

Recall that in March 2020 “crypt” collapsed by 50%, however, due to the widespread introduction of quarantine on the planet once again went up – Bitcoin has less to do with gold and shares. This is what makes it attractive to some hedge funds earning due to the fluctuations in the market.

Although the milestone of 20 000 (worth of Bitcoin three years ago) is still far, however, to exclude new speculative interest in the “crypt” is not ruled out.