Bitcoin network surpasses 100,000 nodes, new data shows

Сеть биткоина превосходит 100000 нод, показывают новые данные

The total number of the node of bitcoin exceeded 100 000, not 10 000 nodes, as is commonly believed.

Confusion as to how much gcd is indeed in the bitcoin network associated with improper reporting of the main platforms of these cryptocurrencies, as well as the misunderstanding between listening nodes and full nodes.

To begin to unravel the confusion between these two species, it is necessary to determine differences between full nodes and nodes listen, and then go to the hard data confirming these claims.

First, a full bitcoin node is any computer that connects to the bitcoin network. The most popular node bitcoin start Bitcoin Core and they play a vital role in the network, supporting the consensus. In particular, the full-node of bitcoin confirms that the network will follow its established rules, such as control the number of bitcoins per block and prevent double costs.

The number of full node is much higher than previously thought, as evidenced by the graph below:

The point is that the number of the node exceeds 10,000, and says that the bitcoin is more decentralized than previously thought, depending on what type of node to count.

More segmented graph showing the deployment of the full versions of bitcoin can be seen below. The graph shows that more than half of the nodes in the network perform bitcoin older version than the current iteration of 0.17.x.

Sometimes referred to as “supernode”, the nodes listen to do more work in the network of bitcoin than perform a full node. All nodes listen to the public and function as a point of redistribution for the network of bitcoin. Nodes listen to transfer large amounts of data in other full nodes on the network.

Since supernode often convey large amounts of information, costs and hardware requirements to run them higher than to run a full node. This may partly explain why the network less the node of listening than a full gcd.

In fact, the nodes listen to make the bitcoin network more efficient and decentralized, working as a relay station. Their importance, however, may be clouded by a large number of full nodes in the bitcoin network, to ensure compliance with the rules of the network.

For comparison chart the progression of nod listening online bitcoin.

Thus, it is important to conduct a transaction, the nodes listening are repeaters of information, and not play a major role to support the consensus network, which is the role of the full node.