Bitcoin SV Group holds controversial rebranding and converted into Bitcoin Association

Bitcoin SV Group проводит противоречивый ребрендинг и превращается в Bitcoin Association

Organization of bComm Association, which promotes Bitcoin SV, the product of a hard fork of Bitcoin Cash held in 2018, now calls itself the Bitcoin Association.

CEO nChain, Jimmy Nguyen (Jimmy Nguyen), rebranded bComm Association, which will now be called the Bitcoin Association.

Although the organization does not have members of the broader community of bitcoin, but there are Craig Wright, Calvin, Ira, and David Lee. This step testifies to their belief that Bitcoin SV is a real bitcoin.

The newly formed bitcoin Association created an account BitcoinAssn on Twitter and offers a free membership for businesses:

Association, obviously, is an analogue of an already existing Fund of the Bitcoin Foundation, which has been the subject of various scandals during the whole of its existence. Although the Association uses the term “Bitcoin”, they have nothing to do with bloccano Bitcoin Core. Bitcoin has a market capitalization of more than $60 billion. Instead, they refer to Bitcoin SV, the capitalization of which has fallen and is outside the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

Bitcoin Bitcoin Association supports SV (BSV) as the original bitcoin Protocol with a stable and scalable road map to become the new global money and global public bloccano for businesses.

Jimmy Nguyen encourages traders to try Bitcoin SV:

As expected, this event drew criticism:

But soon you can expect a more ironic comments.

The question arises whether the organization, which promotes not bitcoin, and only Bitcoin fork SV, the legal right to use the word bitcoin.

Bitcoin Association has a YouTube channel where they post show called “The Bitcoin Vision”. Here is the second episode:

To date, the channel has just over 200 subscribers.

According to the report on the website of the Bitcoin Association, its supporters genuinely believe that Bitcoin SV will be the main choice for business. They list reasons for this, including the consistency and professionalism.

10 years after the advent of bitcoin time to completely realize the vision of Satoshi. To do this, we need to build a blockchain that is designed for business: to meet the real needs of companies to use real people and real observance of laws. This means that we need a stable Protocol, mass scaling and the addition of a professional approach to security. This is the path of BSV and this is what SV offers Bitcoin business.

The question of the use of the brand of bitcoin is significant. When was the fork, in which there is a Bitcoin Cash, the main differences were around the re-attack costs. Users were concerned that criminals will get a double benefit from the hard fork.

Supporters of bitcoin Bitcoin Cash disparagingly referred to as “bcash”, trying not to use the word “bitcoin” in the name of the hated fork. The reaction to Roger Vera for this can be seen in the video: