Bitcoin tumbled on rumors about the crisis of the stock market

Биткоин обвалился на фоне слухов о кризисе фондового рынка

Bears attack and, against the background of rumors about the collapse of the stock market, the price of bitcoin for the first time in three weeks dropped below $9000

June 15, the price of bitcoin (BTC) fell below $9000, using the new pressure sales macroaction. Futures stock market suffered significant losses. It is reported Сointelegraph.

Bitcoin is testing the support level of $9000

According to the monitoring of resources, Cointelegraph and CoinMarketCap Markets BTC / USD was in the range of $8000 at auction Monday for the first time since may 28.

Bearish market movement bitcoin started after a hard week, when bitcoin reached nearly $10,000 and lost $800 in a matter of hours on Thursday 11 June.

After spending the weekend at a price of about $9400, bitcoin lost another level of support, as the weekly forecast for stock markets looked bleak.

During the publication, BTC / USD was trading $9200 on the background of attempts of recovery.

Source: CoinMarketCap

Shares in limbo ahead of “collapse”

Sunday futures on the Dow Jones fell 900 points, and the markets of the United States in an indeterminate state before opening.

Interestingly, bitcoin has become increasingly resistant to the actions which satisfied the crazy swings. This process became known as “separation”.

However, hints of a correlation remains, bitcoin (Bitcoin) is now at the lowest level in the last two weeks. Last week received a warning that the traditional markets for the next three weeks will experience a hard correction.

At the same time, analysts suggest that now prices of $10,000 bitcoin can not see in the short term, and possibly longer.

As reported by the website Coinews a sudden turn for the Indian cryptocurrency community, the Ministry of Finance of India proposed at the legislative level to prohibit cryptocurrencies in the outside of the subcontinent.

Coinews wrote that more than 2,000 vending machines in Australia and New Zealand are already accepting bitcoin for products of Coca-Cola. This was made possible thanks to a partnership between the largest company for bottling and distribution of Coca-Cola Amatil and cryptocurrency startup Centrapay.

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