Black blackmail from Sobchak? Or experienced ex-wife Bogomolov

Черный шантаж от Собчак? Или что пережила бывшая жена Богомолова

Seemingly highly intelligent relationships in this love triangle was an illusion – the investigation revealed that Daria Moroz divorced by Constantine not in good faith.

One of the most discussed events of recent days is the marriage of Konstantin Bogomolov and Ksenia Sobchak. The bride and groom happy and never cease to talk about it in social networks. But what in this situation, we have Bogomolov’s ex-wife, actress Daria Moroz?

Ex-spouses say that I broke up by mutual consent on a friendly note. But is it really?

One gets the impression that the actress has kept a good relationship with her ex-husband, because I was hoping to get it back. Even after the divorce, they worked together. Daria starred in the TV series “Kept woman”, the Director who was Constantine. During the shooting process, she was exposed, and the ex-husband not only attended, but led the process. And then, according to frost, they laughed at everything going on.

But soon after that Bogomolov was forced to leave the Director’s chair in “Kept women”. After all, he was unexpectedly appointed artistic Director of the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya. It argued that it happened with the filing of Ksenia Sobchak. Jealous lover to your ex?

Indicative is the fact that on the eve of the wedding of Kseniya and Konstantin Daria has published in his Instagram a family picture. If he called Bogomolova come to their senses and recall these values. In addition, shortly before this there were rumors that the actress is pregnant. But my stomach was element of the props. And yet it also reminded a desperate attempt to contact her ex-husband.

But why frost translates the desire to be reunited with Bogomolov, but open does not do anything? Rather, it is limited in its ability or came under the influence of black blackmail from Sobchak.

Recall that the actress the day before the wedding ex-husband has told that has received a long-awaited award – the title “Honored artist of the Russian Federation”. Actress ambiguously hinted that for a long time was to receive this award, but due to some circumstances couldn’t do. And now that the wedding Sobchak and Bogomolov nothing was supposed to interfere, Daria (by strange coincidence) gets its title.

It seems that it was the work of influential Ksenia Sobchak. After all, she has connections in the circles of show business and among the political elite. And to put pressure on the ex-wife of his choice for her would not be easy. That still had to endure Daria Moroz, we can only guess.

Черный шантаж от Собчак? Или что пережила бывшая жена Богомолова

Черный шантаж от Собчак? Или что пережила бывшая жена Богомолова

Черный шантаж от Собчак? Или что пережила бывшая жена Богомолова