Black Friday in 2019 will delight not all: the real discounts are in Ukraine to find not so simply

Черная пятница в 2019 году порадует не всех: реальные скидки в Украине найти не так уж и просто

Black Friday of the year starts earlier and earlier. No, the date of her fixed – but many of the stores, wanting to overtake the competitors, every year announce the start of sales early.

Black Friday 2019, which is traditionally held in the last week of November fell on November 29. However, already now many shops in Ukraine discount offer. For example, Black Friday 2019 Outlet is already almost goes: this week the online retailer has sent its customers a newsletter about the “rehearsal Black Friday”, promising discounts of up to 55%.

The same mailing list, only SMS did on Black Friday 2019 Eldorado: there is up to -55% promised on some types of equipment.

Black Friday in Ukraine – a feature in 2019

Black Friday, 2019 in Ukraine has revealed a distinctive difference from previous years: stock on Black Friday this year even arranges services from dentists and beauty salons to real estate agents and real estate salespeople.

The fact that no discounts impoverished Ukrainians to foist their products more difficult. But ahead of spending on St. Nicholas’s Day 2019 New year and Christmas.

By the way, in anticipation of new year holidays, many people use Black Friday to buy gifts for the New year 2020.

Black Friday 2019 – shops-participants


  • Outlet
  • Citrus
  • Hello
  • Comfy
  • Foxtrot
  • Eldorado
  • Xiaomi
  • MOYO
  • Stylus

Clothes and shoes

  • Lamoda
  • Kasta
  • Answear
  • Intertop
  • Lee Cooper


  • Watsons
  • Parfums
  • NYX Cosmetic
  • iHerb

The goods for the house

  • Jysk
  • The epicenter



Black Friday 2019 discounts real?

Not all.

Experts warn that snatch things from the new collection at a discount of 50% or more – is unrealistic. The maximum that shines on the new product is discount of 10-20%.

For comparison, Black Friday 2019: Rosette and Citrus promise discounts of up to 70% and Black Friday on – up to 50%.

In favor of foreign sites says that the dollar in Ukraine. Rather, the attitude of domestic sellers.

After all, despite the depreciation of the dollar against the hryvnia for the year – commodity prices in Ukraine have fallen.

We will remind that in the autumn of last year, the Black Friday 2018, the dollar in Ukraine was worth 28 UAH/$, and now is 24.3 UAH/$ exchange offices of Kiev. And the price tags, say, 2800 UAH to 2400 UAH and is not down.

Black Friday in Ukraine to 2019 – as deceive Ukrainians

According to the study honestly in Ukraine offer discounts only 7% of all analyzed. And analyzed they, for a moment, 7280 commodity items (laptops, smartphones, large and small appliances, TVs, perfumes, handbags and clothes) in online stores from may 2018 to November of the same year.

Another danger of Black Friday is to buy unsold or defective goods.

How not to become a victim of sellers on Black Friday 2019 and avoid shipping traps- we will tell in our next article on the topic of Black Friday, 2019 in Ukraine.

Черная пятница в 2019 году порадует не всех: реальные скидки в Украине найти не так уж и просто

Черная пятница в 2019 году порадует не всех: реальные скидки в Украине найти не так уж и просто