“Black PR” in the parliamentary elections: what are the methods used by the party

"Черный пиар" на парламентских выборах: какие методы используют партии

Short electoral campaign in favor of the voters, because they don’t manage to understand who is who. And it’s used by those who are versed in dirty political technologies. What is the impact on the choice of the Ukrainians with the help of “black PR” learned correspondents of channel 24.

Intimidation, substitution of concepts, the anonymous critic and not covered with a lie – not all of the weapons in the Arsenal of Russian politicians to discredit competitors. And charged with murder, as did Petro Poroshenko before the presidential election.

Suffered from dirty technologies and Yulia Tymoshenko. Before the election the capital was decorated with offensive billboards. And that’s not all.

Julia became the prototype of the heroine of the cartoon “saccarine” on one of the channels. There cartoon Julia hugging Medvedchuk and says, “a new course to old friends,” and at this time raised the flag of the Russian Federation.

Another weapon black PR – advertising. The center of the capital “decorates” the huge Billboard-an appeal to the incumbent President. Eloquent inscriptions, one of candidates in people’s deputies decided to attract the attention of the guarantor to the fight against corruption.

During the election campaign on the social network sometimes work against candidates. So, restaurateur and candidate for people’s deputies Nikolay Tishchenko noticed that he hands out free Lunches to voters. The party is called surge of competitors.

Another candidate, Sergei Leshchenko accused that cling to the rating of the party and declared himself “a Servant of the people”. And Ilya Kiva in General emblazoned on the hoardings next to Vadim Rabinovich and unambiguous labels.

Received a portion of attention from the dirty political strategists and leader of new political force “the Voice” Svyatoslav Vakarchuk

Take a fact that really took place, but it adds false information. One of our well-known Ukrainian politicians told how I went to the Crimea in 2014

– said Svyatoslav Vakarchuk.

Experts say that mazhoritarshchik from the black PR gets the most. “About a particular candidate in the district you can tell that will affect the will of the citizens, because it is a personal vote for a specific person,” – said the analyst of the Civil network “OPORA” Alexander Kluyev.

A feature of the current parliamentary elections – registration of a record number of candidates clones in single-member districts. Now there are more than 160, and all have names that voters associated with ranking candidates. Indirect bribery this time is also very popular.

Agitation is carried out not on the candidate’s behalf, and on behalf of the Foundation, which of course bears the name of such a candidate, given names – Boryslav Rozenblat Fund Sergey Pashinsky,

the analyst stated the Committee of voters of Ukraine Denis Rybachok.

However, experts explain that dirty political technologies act only when have a truthful basis. Politicians with a clean record to discredit will fail.

“These technologies made, they are often not very competently. This is essentially the personal accusations and the voter understands it, therefore it is necessary to clearly distinguish between constructive criticism, which is “black technology”, which fortunately do not work”, – said political consultant Ekaterina Odarchenko. However, the short duration of the election campaign exacerbated the situation. People just don’t have time to understand where the truth and a lie.

"Черный пиар" на парламентских выборах: какие методы используют партии

"Черный пиар" на парламентских выборах: какие методы используют партии

"Черный пиар" на парламентских выборах: какие методы используют партии