Black smoke and the first barricades: photos and videos of the French capital, protests – 24 Channel

Чорний дим та перші барикади: фото і відео з французької столиці, охопленої протестами - 24 Канал

On the streets of Paris appeared first barricades, the whole town sucked the acrid black smoke. Thus, the French capital looks through the protests of “yellow jackets.”

For its barricades protesters used trash cans, concrete slabs and even wood. So they are trying to dissociate itself from the police, informs AFP.

By the way, in the streets of Paris on December 8 of about 8 thousand. This is 3 thousand more than at the time of the protest movements of the previous week.

The law enforcers had used against the “yellow jackets” tear gas and water cannon. This response protesters got while trying to erect barricades on the Avenue of morso, which is not far from the Champs elysées.

According to official information, all over France participation in the protests involved more than 30 thousand people. Detained more than 700 people. Directly in Paris the authorities report about 2 thousand protesters “yellow jackets.” The Prime Minister of France Edouard Philippe had previously informed about 481 detainee. Arrested now – 361 face.

Note that the day before in Paris had closed to around 10 museums and historical monuments. In particular, 8 Dec impossible to get to the Louvre and climb Eyfeleva tower.

Who are the “yellow jackets” and why are they protesting?This drivers protesting against rising fuel prices, environmental tax, and also against the “unjust policies of the government” that undermines the purchasing power of the population. Spontaneous movement is dissatisfied with the increase in fuel prices emerged in the social networks. The protesters get to know each other thanks to the yellow emergency vests, which they put under the windshield of cars.

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