“Black Swan” on NEWSONE: text stream of the release of the intelligence shows (10.03)

"Черный лебедь" на NEWSONE: текстовая трансляция выпуска интеллект-шоу (10.03)

Intellect-show “Black Swan” traditionally started 10 March at 20:00 on TV channel NEWSONE.

Leading the program – the political expert Vadim Karasev and Inga Mezerya.

The guests discussed with leading the appointment of a new Prime Minister and new government. In addition, a question was raised about the dismissal of Ruslan Ryaboshapka from the post of the Prosecutor General of the country.

Chairs in the Studio was taken by the Minister of economy of Ukraine in 1997-1998, Viktor Suslov, an economic expert Viktor Skarshevsky, an expert in Growford Institute Alex Kush, political expert Mikhail Chaplya, the Deputy of the state Duma of V and VI convocations Ilya Ponomarev, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine in 1999, 2001-2002, 2010, Volodymyr Semynozhenko, MP from the faction “people’s Servant” Evgeny Shevchenko, doctor of economic Sciences and Minister of economy of Ukraine in 1992, Vladimir Lanoviy.

Newsone.ua leads a text broadcast of the talk show and is ready to inform readers about the most important aspects of the program.

20:31 Semynozhenko recalled that before Ukraine became an agrarian country, metallia was one of the most profitable sectors in the country.

“In all the years of independence was not invested in any high-tech company. Zero. There is one example where we invested in high tech for non-exclusive use is in SIEMENS. And so far it has operated. So the most important thing – to create conditions for enterprises,” he said.

20:25 Skarshevsky said that in the past the government was not corruption just because of the fact that the new politicians are just not made to “feeder”.

20:23 According to Ponomarev, the presence in Ukraine “sorozat” is a myth and a hanging label. In addition, he stressed that the former Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk were good external links with Europe and the United States of America.

“The weakest point of this government was industry, and they knew it. And here all these rumors about Tigipko was related to the fact that neither were looking for someone in an industrial unit. Nevertheless, the decline of the industry is not the fall of all”, – he said.

20:15 Shevchenko said that the previous government worked because I wanted to, and nobody contradicted. However, in the new this will not happen, it will be obliged to cooperate with deputies.

“Creativity and the foundations we as a faction have developed, and will be involved in the government. Therefore, those Ministers that will be appointed will be hard control on the factions and committees of the Council”, – concluded the MP.

20:11 people’s Deputy from “public Servants” Evgeny Shevchenko noted that his faction is only three people supported the government Alexey Goncharuk. He stressed that all the others have made their own conclusions and expressed dissatisfaction.

“This government was only held by the President. The faction has already expressed his displeasure. Even those who have been in solidarity with Goncharuk also did not agree,” – said Shevchenko.

20:08 While Lanoviy said that in Ukraine at the moment is the political crisis, so Vladimir Zelensky did the right thing.

“The President said that the Pension Fund is blocked, such questions failed, he was really worried. The President was disappointed, and went to the forced change of power”, – said Lanoviy.

20:07 According to policy, the lack of purpose of many Ministers shows the fact that the decision on resignation of the government was spontaneous and related to the person of Alexey Goncharuk.

20:04 According to Ilya Ponomarev, the change of the Ukrainian government is guilty of the new head of the Office of the President.

“Came a new head of administration and said the President, saying that the ratings fall and, accordingly, we must somehow react to it. Although the President would be beneficial to play the “good Tsar and the bad boyars”, to enable the government to collect the entire negative and then to change something”, – he said.

"Черный лебедь" на NEWSONE: текстовая трансляция выпуска интеллект-шоу (10.03)

"Черный лебедь" на NEWSONE: текстовая трансляция выпуска интеллект-шоу (10.03)

"Черный лебедь" на NEWSONE: текстовая трансляция выпуска интеллект-шоу (10.03)