“Black swans-the fly!” The journalist hinted at the “end” of Putin

''Черные лебеди-то летают!'' Журналист намекнул на ''конец'' Путина

The political strategist Dmitry Zapolsky stated that the existence of serious protection of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin does not guarantee its security.

He told this in an interview with the OBOZREVATEL. Also, the journalist recalled that “tsars in Russia were killed and the gold snuff-boxes, and a spear of latrine points.”

“No one is eternal. Putin seems to be for a long time, but black swans-the fly. Even if nalchi all his guards. All are human, and security is good too, not always… Indira Gandhi was killed by the bodyguard, and of President Sadat in Egypt shot and killed a soldier of honor. Anything can happen. Tsars in Russia were killed and the gold snuff-boxes, and a spear of latrine points”, – he reminded.

The journalist is sure that “the limit of confidence in the leader of Russia is exhausted”, and “factor “snuff” has not been canceled”. Also Sapolski recalled how “the Turkmen leader set down on heroin and his personal doctor, the dentist, one day gave him a gold dose and became instead”.

“Putin is not Mugabe in Zimbabwe, he will not be able to rule for 90 years, he still needs transit. Any subsequent authority would be better than Putin. And God forbid Russia starts a political or military crisis, armed, let’s just say it will be bad for Ukraine and the West. Really need to think about how to secure Putin’s departure with minimum losses for Europe and the world” – sums up the journalist.