Black tea, like green for all

Черный чай, как и зеленый полезен не для всех

The main therapeutic effect of tea provide alkaloids. They are well-known caffeine and not so famous – theobromine, nephilin, xanthine, gipoksantin and paraxanthine. The last antagonist of caffeine. Those and others are in black and in green tea. Alkaloid caffeine initially provides a toning effect, which is not resistant, and shortly after the inactivation of caffeine come into the reaction its antagonists, reports Bagnet with reference to the sites about zdoroe.

They reduce vascular tone and reduce blood pressure, hypertensive patients need and don’t need hypotensive. According to this scheme “works” green tea. Black tea in the second phase due to the high content of vitamins P and PP, due to the continuing fermentation, maintains vascular tone, and “hold” pressure. Here it is, and is hypotensive.

In more detail the mechanism of action of black and green teas as follows.

Tea caffeine stimulates the cortex of the brain, dilates blood vessels, improves blood flow and oxygenation to the brain. Therefore, with the use of tea is linked activation functions of the brain, eliminating tiredness and sleepiness. This eliminates the headache associated with spasm of cerebral vessels.