Blackmail, threat challenges, and unrequited love: why in Ukraine for half a year, dozens of children took his own life

Шантаж, опасные челленджи и неразделенная любовь: почему в Украине за полгода десятки детей свели счеты с жизнью

In Ukraine for the first six months of 2020 has already committed suicide 72 of a teenager. The main reasons for the terrible decisions were misunderstandings and conflicts with adults at school, and unrequited love.

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“I don’t want to embarrass you!”

In July there were several high-profile emergency. Thus, in the Zhytomyr region the teenager was shot from a hunting rifle of his father. According to relatives, conflicts in the family was not, and the police discovered that Artem was one of the “groups of death”. The investigation is ongoing.

In Odessa region the teenager has committed suicide by throwing himself into a high chimney running the school boiler room. Thus Ivan seemed to have reproduced the plot of his book, which wanted to publish.

In the Kherson area the girl had swallowed some pills and mercury. The girl has got to resuscitation of regional hospital, doctors fought for life, but to save her failed. According to preliminary information, so the child “rebelled” because of the restrictions on family her personal freedom.

The head of the Department of juvenile prevention Department, preventive activity of the national police of Ukraine Larisa Tooth told OBOZREVATEL that on 9 July there was another suicide.

“In the Nikolaev area teenage girl wrote two notes and hanged himself. Her parents died, brought up by the grandmother. And when she realized that can not cope, gave granddaughter to boarding school. The child lived “your life”, there was aggression and the attitude to the world… due to the fact that nobody understood. In the note she wrote, saying, “I don’t want to embarrass you” and committed suicide,” – said the police.

According to her, during the first six months of this year, killed himself 72 of a teenager.

Cause for alarm

Larissa Zub is convinced that it is very important not to miss dangerous “symptoms.”

“Parents need to pay attention to the psychological state of the child. When the police establishes the causes of the incident, revealed that the child was talking about problems to friends, parents, but they didn’t pay attention to him. Parents need to look at the baby page in social networks. Cause for alarm – there is a strange avatars, the account is full of depressing pictures or, sometimes, the child simply “shouts” that he did not want to live. And it is important not just to see or hear, and help,” – said the head of the Department of juvenile prevention.

However, the nature of suicide is not fully understood and very often is, that neither the notes nor any of the posts, and the child may decide to leave the life.

“I remember a blatant case, when the girl could not stand the climate in the family. The head of the family was constantly drunk, beat his mother, sometimes got the girl… After another scandal she just went out to the barn and hung himself, could not resist,” shared Larissa Tooth.

It happens that children go on a suicide run after the bad ratings: mom scolded, and the child stepped out of the window. Or the teacher made a comment that the child is in lessons all the time in the phone and then went and hanged himself.

According to her, the juvenile police and psychologists tell children how to cope, what to do, but the topic is very delicate.

“Children cannot say the same: “You will not hang up, do not jump from bridge”. Here you just have to reach out to the child and to support. Without the support, understanding adult children are lost, turn in on themselves. The missing communication and support of children looking at social networks on the Internet. Some parents are convinced that if the child stays home, he’s safe, but it’s not very often scammers and pedophiles calculate these children,” added Tooth.

Blackmail and threat challenges

The head of juvenile prevention spoke about situations where children blackmailed for revealing photos.

“It all starts with Dating, spiritual conversations, then the child is asked to take a picture of some part of the body, for example, a hand or an ear selfie to send. Then it comes to intimate photos and as a result, the blackmail of the child. Require to throw the money on the card, otherwise “everyone will know everything,” – said Larisa Tooth.

In her opinion, the ban will not solve anything. Because parents should explain to children what might happen. Also the head of juvenile prevention told a story about a reception.

“We children available explain: before you put your photo online or send it to your friends, think again: what if this picture got on the Billboard in the city and everything it saw?”, – said Larisa Tooth.

She also said that there is a dangerous challege when Teens share explicit photos or send them to someone you trust.

“One example is when the girl met a guy while chatting in Viber they exchanged snapshots. She trusted the guy, but when the argument happened, he began the throw at the network. The girl was very unhappy and tried to commit suicide. Doctors saved her, but then the teenager has since a long time psychologists and psychiatrists,” he told police.

Why it is especially important to talk to children, explain to them situations that they may encounter and, most importantly, to give confidence in the help and support.

Шантаж, опасные челленджи и неразделенная любовь: почему в Украине за полгода десятки детей свели счеты с жизнью

Шантаж, опасные челленджи и неразделенная любовь: почему в Украине за полгода десятки детей свели счеты с жизнью

Шантаж, опасные челленджи и неразделенная любовь: почему в Украине за полгода десятки детей свели счеты с жизнью