Blademan: In Zhytomyr region a criminal killed one and stabbed eight people

Мастер клинка: В Житомирской области преступник убил одного и порезал восьмерых человек

A lot of blood ended the night in a provincial café in Zhitomir region.

In the night of Sunday, June 21, in the cafe of the town of Irshansk, Zhytomyr region there was a conflict between the two visitors.

The fight moved outside the institution and continued in the street. It turned out that one of the fighters, previously convicted 40-year-old lean brunette, was a master of knife fighting.

Without thinking, the man stabbed his less fortunate opponent.

The incident aroused the interest of other regular places of entertainment – they tried to reason with the winner of the bout. The persuasion did not yield and he went on the attack. As a result, the cut just eight people and, considering what to do in a café it is more than nothing, fled the scene by car.”

Photo of a killer from Zhitomir cops

After that business was entered by medics and cops. The first was taken of all nine victims to the hospital for medical care, the second – announced “the plan-interception”.

They will look for is not just the bully and master of the knife fight and the murderer, because one of the men died in the hospital (he was 29). Another seven are undergoing treatment (two in serious condition), and one was discharged.