Blake lively for the first time commented on the birth of his daughter: the unexpected parts of motherhood

American actress yesterday, January 27, made his first public release after the birth of the baby. Although the couple are keeping personal life under lock and key, Blake lively shared her impressions of the status of mothers. According to star, her life is not like a fairy tale.

After his first red carpet at the presentation of the painting “Rhythm section” in new York Blake lively decided to meet, not only their own ambitions in the film, but to give another piece of information for discussion in the press. In addition to the first public appearance after the third confinement, stellar mom became the guest of the program Good Morning America.

Today, January 28, actress live TV show simply commented on the birth of his daughter. Although the name of the baby who was born in August 2019, Blake lively and Ryan Reynolds are still kept secret, but the star admitted that the third child improved greatly worries the family.

It’s like to go from two to three thousand! Yes, we have a lot of children. My husband and I are in the minority. Some people say that there is no difference between two and three children in the family. It’s crazy!
– wittily commented on a celebrity.

Earlier, Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds told me that he and his wife for over a month and have not decided on a baby name. However, he assured that all the letters in his name are incredible. We will remind that it already brings 5-year-old James and 3-year-old Inez. Reynolds is also no secret that sometimes they can be very difficult with three small children.

Блейк Лайвли впервые прокомментировала рождение дочери: неожиданные детали материнства

Блейк Лайвли впервые прокомментировала рождение дочери: неожиданные детали материнства

Blake lively and Ryan Reynolds with daughters / Instagram / @people

Note that the presentation of the film “the Rhythm section”, the main character of which was Blake lively, I didn’t and mother of many children. She appeared in luxurious velvet dress in black, which combined with a massive necklace. Glamour Blake lively has completed high leather gloves and boots from Christian Louboutin.