Blame bill gates, meteorites and mobile communication: why is the world sick with coronavirus

Во всем виноваты Билл Гейтс, метеориты и мобильная связь: почему мир болеет коронавирусом

During the quarantine, it is very difficult not to succumb to anxiety and not to feel distrust of the government and honest media, trying to rationally and objectively cover the course of a global pandemic coronavirus. And it is not surprising that the various “conspiracy theories” (and this is in addition to outright fakes, which is also more than enough) come out from the dark depths of the Internet and “word of mouth” like mushrooms after rain. Fortunately, most of them are so far-fetched or even absurd that instead of panic or fear can cause except that laughter. “Apostrophe” has collected the most interesting “pearl” coronavirus conspiracy.

Blame the damn Americans

It is no secret that the thoughts and ideas in a civilized world even in a head will not come mentally healthy people in Russia every day you see on TV under the guise of “real news”. On the field of coronavirus conspiracy Kremlin media propaganda could not be observed. In particular, during the evening program “Time” on “the First channel”, which Putin repeatedly called “a benchmark of reliable information”, presenter announced the next version: coronavirus have developed US to derail China’s economy, and this was done at the direct order of Donald trump, and in fact his name – the coronavirus, the pathogen was due to the fact that (warning!) Trump, who, by the way, I recently took a test for a disease this disease, is the owner of the beauty contest Miss universe, where the main prize – the crown.

Could only laugh at the depth of Russian analysts, if the version of “American” roots of coronavirus in Russia did not become very popular. In particular, the leader of the Russian liberal democratic party Vladimir Zhirinovsky said that “probably, it involved American pharmaceutical companies, so they earn. The main goal is to hit the Chinese economy, undermine the economic power”.

It is clear that the Russian accusations in the direction of Washington have no relation to reality, so the Americans and the scientific community didn’t even waste time trying to rebuke rosproperty. Moreover, during the research on the nature of coronavirus scientists have found that it is a result of mutations and is the result of natural selection. After all, there is a Russian tradition – every issue from filthy entrance before the attacks and hang on “cursed” Washington.

If not trump, bill gates, that’s for sure

However, there are other theories who claim that it’s not on the level of trump and of the government, but the Americans still involved in the appearance of coronavirus. More precisely, one American billionaire and owner of the Corporation “Microsoft” bill gates. Here’s the thing. In October 2019, the bill and Melinda gates Foundation collaborated with the world economic forum and the Center for health Johns Hopkins University to test how well the world is ready for a possible epidemic. But after 2 months in Wuhan begins his journey coronavirus. Adherents of conspiracy tin foil hat saying that this program was a prelude to the future of the epidemic, which all three organizations was planned from the beginning. Moreover, the bill and Melinda gates Foundation has previously provided funding to the British Institute of Parrita that has a patent on the coronavirus vaccine. So, bill gates has teamed up with the Institute to create an epidemic and start to sell the vaccine.

Во всем виноваты Билл Гейтс, метеориты и мобильная связь: почему мир болеет коронавирусом

It looks like a conspiracy

The main problem of the theory that bill gates is very difficult to “cash in” on the epidemic. The school of Parrita explores viruses that attack birds, not people. Their vaccines didn’t work on homo sapiens. So what is actually the legendary Creator license Windows to ignite a worldwide pandemic is unclear.

The coronavirus came from outer space

Fortunately, or unfortunately, in this theory we are not talking about any race of reptilians from the planet Nibiru, which is sprayed over our planet coronavirus to prepare her for his invasion (though somewhere in the depths of the Internet such version definitely sounded). All a bit more prosaic. 11 Oct 2019 in the North-East of China is high in the sky exploded meteorite. So the visionaries were quick to declare that this particular meteorite brought the virus COVID-19 from deep space.

However, this could not happen simply because of the laws of physics. The temperature of the meteorites that don’t burn up in the atmosphere, can reach 650 degree Celsius at the moment when they touch the ground. This is more than enough to kill the virus. Moreover, COVID-19 has a bunch of relatives on Earth. In fact, he is just another representative of a family of “native” earth coronaviruses.

The terrible truth about 5G connection?

Wuhan became one of the first Chinese cities, which established a system of 5G communications. And it was there that first appeared coronavirus. “Coincidence? – I don’t think!”, said cushions are conspiracy theorists and quickly rolled out on display to the public his version of events. According to them, the virus COVID-19 caused by the radiation waves that produce system 5G. The theory was supported by some “scientific” work that no one has ever seen, claiming that 5G is dangerous for human health. So, the so-called “coronavirus” is actually radiation poisoning that weakens the immune system, making the person vulnerable to disease.

Despite his seriousness and “scientific validity”, the theory failed the test of reality. Today coronavirus is rampant worldwide, including in countries where 5G connection not even smell.

The intricate shapes of the “beer coronavirus”

Corona Extra is a world famous brand of Mexican beer, and for obvious reasons completely irrelevant to the epidemic COVID-19 had not. However, in January, Google drew attention to a wave of queries “beer coronavirus”, “beer Corona virus”, “beer virus”. It is unclear what people were looking for – evidence that the Corona causes a coronavirus or on the contrary, treats it, but the company’s market share went up, while sales of products increased. Which in turn could be a result of the popular versions (which, however, was not confirmed, but who cares) of a coronavirus that does not tolerate alcohol, so you can spend the quarantine with a good bottle of beer in their hands can be a very rational strategy.

Во всем виноваты Билл Гейтс, метеориты и мобильная связь: почему мир болеет коронавирусом

The quarantine holds differently, the main thing – not to get involved

The genocide of pensioners and the game on the course

There are more cost-conceived conspiracy theories. In particular, the fairly popular thesis that the coronavirus came up with in order to play on the exchange rate. In fact, conspiracy theorists believe that in any country, the rate for 95 to 97% dependent on non-cash transactions and only 3-5% of the available supply and demand. The overlap of the borders and cessation of flights will provide an opportunity to bring in new cash (dollars and Euro) both to private individuals and firms to third countries. In fragile States, where weak currency, economy, medicine and the state plus the panic in the exchange, this should increase the rate of major world currencies almost at times. Consequently, the national will fall.

Perhaps it would be possible to believe in the idea of the exchange rates. But first, let’s define who can it be profitable? Because so far, except for the Chinese economy – and even then, with reservations, none of this story did not win…

A separate position is that the coronavirus played an evil “one world government”, which decided to deal with pensioners, saying that the economies of most countries cannot cope with the provision of social obligations, so it is necessary to “thin out” the ranks of people of venerable age. However, it is necessary to say frankly that if (although it’s not hard to believe) there was indeed such a monstrous idea, it is absolutely not achieved. The death of over 10,000 people, of whom do most people in retirement – when you consider that there are around a billion people this age – it’s a drop in the ocean…

The simpsons have provided pandemic?

As you know, survivor of American television, the satirical animated series “the Simpsons” very often turned out to be prophetic. In particular, “the Simpsons” managed long before 2016 to provide prezidentsvo Donald trump Russia’s return to aggressive Imperial policy, and even the fall of the regime of President Yanukovych in Ukraine (!!!). Coronavirus and pandemic is no exception.

However, common online footage from the animated series, where behind news anchor on the screen in big letters written “Coronavirus” is a fake. But the basis for the myth is still serious. In one series of employee factory in Japan, a person with the flu coughs in a parcel to the States, and of the boxes that arrived from Asia, across the country spreading “Osaka flu”. Although neither China nor the coronavirus in the series was not mentioned, the authors of the animated series has been a very strange way to envision the panic surrounding parcels from “Aliexpress”, which swept the world after the beginning of the epidemic in China.

Who knows, maybe the writers of “the Simpsons” is not just over and over again accurately hit the target “accidentally” predicting resonant world events. And in fact, they are the “mythical” world backstage”, which directs the life of our planet? Joke…