Blast Crew Dragon during testing at SpaceX told me the reason

Взрыв Crew Dragon во время тестирования: в SpaceX назвали причину

During the test the spacecraft SpaceX Crew Dragon in April this year, an explosion occurred. The company reviews about this did, it immediately began an investigation. Now, experts have managed to find the answer and determine the cause.

As stated on the official website of the company, construction Crew Dragon is equipped with two propulsion systems, one of them consists of 16 low pressure jets Draco for maneuvering in orbit. Another installation has 8 high-pressure engines SuperDraco, is necessary in case of emergency to rescue the crew.

Details of the investigation. So, when testing 16 engines worked fine, but the initiation of the 8 SuperDraco ruined space capsule. The investigation showed, the anomaly occurred about 100 milliseconds to ignition eight SuperDraco.

The anomaly occurred because of a violation of the design inside the check valve in the feed system of liquid oxidizer, which flow out from the tubes. Failed titanium component in a high pressure environment, which led to the destruction of the spacecraft.

Reaction To SpaceX. The company said that it has already taken into account the results of the investigation. On the basis of that already provided for several changes that will eliminate the flow of fuel in the system startup.

Взрыв Crew Dragon во время тестирования: в SpaceX назвали причину

Photo, like, with the blast Crew Dragon

Instead of check valves must install drives that can solidify before opening high pressure. This item is tested.

What actually happened? 20 April, SpaceX conducted a test of the emergency engines for its Dragon Crew capsule, which is designed to fly NASA astronauts into orbit. During testing, the capsule caught fire and explosion.

What is known about the mission Crew Dragon?
This is a manned ship that will be used in the framework of the program for the development of private space vehicles NASA’s Commercial Crew Program.

NASA Crew Dragon see as a machine that could deliver American astronauts to the ISS. currently, the Agency uses Russian Soyuz spacecraft.

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