“Blew up, Putin and the gang of nationalists.” Social networks discuss the capture of the murderers Sheremet

"Взорвал не Путин, а банда националистов". Соцсети обсуждают поимку убийц Шеремета

On December 12 the police have named five suspects in the murder of journalist Pavel Sheremet. They are all volunteers, or participants of the ATO. The name of the customer in this case has not yet named.

The opinion of users of social networks are divided: some believe the police, others – no. In General, many remained in his opinion, for someone the police have just confirmed beliefs, while others consider them to be false.

We collected opinions about the briefing of the Ministry of interior.

Insights after the briefing

The fact that the suspects in the murder of Sheremet volunteers and nationalists, took orders in the crime and explosions – it is possible to speak quite confidently. The evidence base is rich.

The fact that they could kill Sheremet seems logical and some ties really are. But this is rather indirect evidence than direct evidence. Although these signs a lot and really they can be involved. But some things are questionable – for example from the conversation of a Cougar and a Boa constrictor, it follows that they are very surprised that one of their sister (of a Gun) are on the case Sheremeta (they are trying this subject with the murder Sheremet associate). I mean, there is a certain “theme” (apparently a crime in which they all tied together) and Puma with Boa surprised that this “theme” associated with Sheremet. Next, the Cougar talks with a lady and says that the Gun went online, saw a number killed Sheremet and remembered what he was doing that day. That is not very similar to what they are discussing some well known crime. The gun was clearly in the same topic with them for some crimes, but as for whether it’s Sheremet – question.

The weakest part is the motive. Any destabilization of the situation in the country killing Sheremet is not caused. And it was hard to assume that will cause. Pavel Sheremet was the most famous and most conflicted figure. Therefore, the motive is very strange and it throws doubt on everything said at the briefing.

Customer did not say anything to the police. Remembered about them only Ryaboshapka and Zelensky. But the answer has not sounded. Very similar to the story of the murder of Elder, where the motive was named an ideological hostility to the Elder by the accused. And the customers of the question.

The presence at the briefing Zelensky immediately gave political overtones throughout history, and will generate different versions that this business needs to strengthen the political positions Avakov. By the way, the question the Minister was asked directly at a press briefing. Response Avakov, of course, was negative.

The precedent of disclosing of murder of the journalist is a signal

“The Fact Sheremet. The interior Ministry, the National police did a great job. There is clear progress. Sorry it took so long. But considering who, in the end, put forward suspicions and the evidence must be iron, and without guarantees of political interference from the country’s top leadership not to do.

The precedent of disclosing of murder of the journalist, the punishment of murderers is a signal. Touch of journalists it is impossible, peace, the attacker will not. And Vice versa…

Hope for justice and truth. On the non-use of the case Sheremet for political purposes. I hope for a fair protection of the Ukrainian journalists” – wrote the head of the NUJU Sergey Tomilenko.

The version of the investigation shocking

Chief editor of “Ukrainian truth” (which worked Sheremet) Sevgili Musayev wrote that the publication has welcomed the fact that the investigation is ongoing, but the investigation is shocking.

“It is with great hope watching today’s briefing on the investigation of our colleague, the journalist of “the Ukrainian truth” Pavel Sheremet. Since his murder it has been over three years and in all that time we did not know about the investigation are almost nothing. It was in fact a secret back in the fall of 2017, and the comments of law enforcement officers was to ensure that the publication of any information could harm the investigation.

Now about the briefing, which was attended by the President, the Minister of internal Affairs and the Prosecutor General.

We are heartened by the fact that the investigation continues and this case is not forgotten. Frankly, the voiced version of the investigation shocked us. Now we treat the information provided carefully.

We have had a few questions, the answers to which we have not heard during the briefing:

1. Who can be a customer of this murder? The version that the crime was able to organize a group of volunteers to destabilize the situation, raises many questions.

2. Unclear are the motives of the perpetrators. The goal, which was announced during a briefing – the destabilization of the political situation in Ukraine was not achieved.

3. Who was interested in destabilizing the situation in the country at that time? Why are the volunteers who kept the army in difficult times, want to destabilize the situation inside the country? Or in this case, the investigation suggests that a group of volunteers could act in the interests of Russia?

“Lies, bullshit and propaganda”

There is a negative assessment of the briefing.

“With deep respect for Paul. Don’t believe a word Avakov. I doubt very much that these people were killed Pavel Sheremet. Maybe someone killed, but not likely to Sheremet.

Do not believe that the detainees will be put. I think it will fall apart. It is not excluded that the corrupt Ukrainian courts will not listen to the evil factor there investigation.

I can’t even believe that the purpose of the assassination attempt on Paul is “destabilizing the situation in Ukraine.” Sheremet was a famous man and a great journalist, but definitely not detonating public persona.

What I believe in? That it is poorly orchestrated bullshit. To display live.

Believe that today, about 100 days of work of the Minister of internal Affairs. What is done during this time? Stopped illegal mining of amber? No. Schools have stopped selling drugs? No. The country has become less “activists”? No. Police stopped fronting game stores? Either.

But the National guard is heavily arming. Her arms are even heavy weapons. It provided better than the army. MIA buys helicopters and boats for lending money, will drive Ukraine into debt. Why?

Quota Avakov appointed several Ministers. He is sawing the budget, manages Ukrzaliznytsia involved in the division of powers in the RRG and the Bureau of financial investigations. Police merges cases in the hundreds of billions of hryvnia!

Finally, Avakov continues to work closely with right-wing radicals. These people created a “corridor of shame” to the President Zelensky, but at the same time himself up, “I’m not a loser”. Ncorpus and MIA – twins.

I also believe that Avakov is one of the shareholders of JSC “Zelensky”. And now Avakov is demonstrating its necessity and importance.

I believe that the main thing in this press conference is the emergence of Vladimir Zelensky. Beautiful PR stunt. How presldent making progress in a murder investigation Sheremet. Poroshenko could not, and Zelensky was able.

Question: what distraction? Maybe a failure of judicial reform and the sale of the land? From the law on the special regime of self-government in the Donbass?

Question: why use it? Maybe Azarov will become Prime Minister? Zelensky grows up in the rankings?

I recommend not hanging ears and not look at the words and actions” – wrote the journalist Sergey Lyamets.

A strange consequence and strange motives

“On pressuhe MIF Sheremet… Nichrome not understand I’m talking about motive. Once all stiffly. There were rumors that Sheremet took the money via Belarus to a new political project… it was still rumors. In such a motive would have believed it, but the motive is “to destabilize” well, not believe… sounds like “IsNot mine mantra” for the connecting rod.

PS: and they could not aim at Sheremet… the car was Prytula and he went quite by accident that day. I spoke with Alena. A strange consequence and strange motives…” wrote political expert Mikhail Chaplya.

Blew not Putin, Lukashenko, and the gang of Ukrainian nationalists

Journalist Andriy Manchuk wrote that the investigation clearly shows that represent the suspects in the murder Sheremet.

“Watched the press conference of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine on the results of the investigation of the murder of Pavel Sheremet. I highly recommend you review the replay. Believe me, it’s worth it. Although this is sometimes hard, sometimes scary, and almost always disgusting.

So, well-known journalist blew not Putin, Lukashenko, and the whole gang of prominent Ukrainian nationalist veterans and veteranos of volunteers and volunteer groups, one of which (the author of the battle hymn of the anti-terrorist operation, the fan to talk about the greatness of the Aryan race) managed to fit himself Poroshenko.

In addition they made a number of other serious crimes, such as assassinations and spin other people’s property, and also had on hand an Arsenal of explosives and guns. During this same time, the heroes of the nation bought on the honestly earned money of apartments, private houses and luxury cars.

By the way, at the press conference mentioned and explosions of power lines that were disconnected at the time of Crimea.

One of the crew had time to shoot, the other was going to do the same, what is confessed on the phone to her leader (“I have done what I did”) – but he was saved by the representatives of the investigative group.

The version about participation in dobrobatovets voiced in the media immediately after the murder – not least because people from that environment are literally in resonance all contract killings in Ukraine. But in this case, the investigation clearly shows what these characters – they are the rot, the corruption, cannibalistic views, full confidence in their own impunity and utter contempt for a stranger to human lives. It cannibals the first category, the highest standard.

One of figurants of business all talked with the sister about what we need to stir up grechkoseev, firing the capital of Ukraine from “grad”. (“I really want that to happen to me that Kiev is not sorry at all”). There was opportunity to find for the same purpose, the “sacred victim” – desirable woman, and child.

It is just possible to see in this picture – and next a man who once was not going to have explosions in Simferopol” – written by Andrew Manchuk.

“Peter, it would be cool if you next sit down”

“Poroshenko: “to solve a murder Sheremet – for me, a matter of honor”


Thank You Peter.

It would be fantastically cool if you next sit down..” wrote journalist Artem Artemenko.

“Mom, Pavel Sheremet said that it was disgusting to listen to the dialogue of the volunteers of the volunteers suspected of the murder. At the moment it’s probably the main conclusion of the briefing. They involved murder or not is difficult to say, but the fact that these people are extremely flawed both morally and intellectually – a fact” – wrote Alexander Asimov.

“From the point of view of dry political technology, the discrediting of the national-Patriotic movement, and the further marginalization of the opposition of the wing in the eyes of the masses is inevitable. Who’s to blame – let everyone decide for himself. But the reaction of the electorate is predictable and successful for the government” – wrote the journalist Sergey Shcherbina.

“There is one big problem. The biggest. It is not concerned with the topic now “guilty or not”.

Just the system of the Ministry of interior so destroyed their reputation and trust that even if this is true – don’t believe it. Don’t believe not even because of inconclusive evidence, but simply because of the fact that it is MIA. Avakov in particular.

Here it is the destabilization. And it’s very sad” – wrote the journalist Maksym Opanasenko.

"Взорвал не Путин, а банда националистов". Соцсети обсуждают поимку убийц Шеремета

"Взорвал не Путин, а банда националистов". Соцсети обсуждают поимку убийц Шеремета

"Взорвал не Путин, а банда националистов". Соцсети обсуждают поимку убийц Шеремета

"Взорвал не Путин, а банда националистов". Соцсети обсуждают поимку убийц Шеремета

"Взорвал не Путин, а банда националистов". Соцсети обсуждают поимку убийц Шеремета

"Взорвал не Путин, а банда националистов". Соцсети обсуждают поимку убийц Шеремета

"Взорвал не Путин, а банда националистов". Соцсети обсуждают поимку убийц Шеремета

"Взорвал не Путин, а банда националистов". Соцсети обсуждают поимку убийц Шеремета

"Взорвал не Путин, а банда националистов". Соцсети обсуждают поимку убийц Шеремета

"Взорвал не Путин, а банда националистов". Соцсети обсуждают поимку убийц Шеремета

"Взорвал не Путин, а банда националистов". Соцсети обсуждают поимку убийц Шеремета