Blizzard has fined two players in Overwatch for the “big member” in the chat

Blizzard оштрафовала двух киберспортсменов по Overwatch за «большой член» в чате

Remember, kids: kill virtual play can and swearing – not! On the skin it has experienced two professional player in Overwatch, each of which Blizzard was fined $ 1,000 for lewd expression in a text chat.

Peccadillo Cyberathlete made during a match in the League Overwatch. June-Won moon (Jung-Won Mun), or Lastro, wrote in the chat big dick and sex, and Dong-Joon Kim (Dong-Jun Kim), he’s a Rascal, developed the idea of your partner and adding a few interesting characters – big dick cccx.

Apparently, gamers thought that the chat can only see the commentators, but their steamy came up to the viewers. Why do players have spread such stupid messages is a mystery.

Players escaped with only a monetary punishment other measures Blizzard to take did not, just so they can continue to participate in the competition. Lastro has already apologized in his Twitter, and Rascal was confined to the shameful “not comfortable with voice input”.