Blizzard: “Talking about holding or canceling BlizzCon 2020 is too early”

Blizzard: «Говорить о проведении или отмене BlizzCon 2020 пока рано»

I hope to fall from the pandemic COVID-19 will be only memories. With us it hopes to Blizzard, which usually holds an annual BlizzCon in November. However, if getting rid of the infection fail, the fate of the event will be called into question.

This was announced by Executive producer BlizzCon Saralyn Smith (Saralyn Smith):

We hope that by the end of the year the situation will improve, but to talk about holding (or cancel) BlizzCon 2020 is too early. Our main priority is the health of the players, our staff and everyone who helps with the organization of the exhibition. It is not excluded that it will take several months before we will develop an understanding of how to proceed, but as soon as we have relevant information, we will share it with you.

Blizzard continues to make plans for the year, although home mode. Thus, the company is working out different scenarios and possibilities for the festival – probably under adverse circumstances BlizzCon 2020 will transfer to other dates or send online.

Recall that for the last 15 years BlizzCon has missed only two years – 2006 and 2012.