Blizzard tisera event Storm Rising from the “Archives Overwatch”

Blizzard тизерит событие Storm Rising из «Архивов Overwatch»

A couple of days ago Blizzard started titerite an event in Overwatch on the game site there was a post with attached a news page, telling about the history of the distillery “don Rembetiko” and the hurricane threatened Cuba. Then, many have suggested that the authors prepare us for the new event from the “Archives Overwatch”. As it turned out, was not mistaken.

In the “Twitter” network shooter there was a small video of the coming event Storm Rising. A new character, a girl named Sojorn (Soujorn), offers Soldier-76 to cover the Fist of Death through his accountant Maximilian, tracked down the latest.

Then the lady, it seems, reveals the team of playable heroes events: to get to the Fist of Death will try Genji, Winston and angel under the leadership of the Tracer. Last teaser is clearly hinted at the fact that the action of Rising Storm will unfold in the capital of Cuba – Havana.

Event should go from 16 April to 6 may.

Previous events of “Archives Overwatch” is usually focused on “lore” and unique PvE items, so Storm Rising can be expected about the same. But the new character seems unlikely to come in the near future – in the past month, the ranks of the playable characters have joined the Batiste.