Blog from Lugansk: legally you can only earn the “government” and “the army”

Блог из Луганска: легально можно зарабатывать только в "правительстве" и в "армии"

I care a thousand questions. And I frankly envy those who know how not to worry on trifles and not to take all the hardships of today’s life to heart.

For example, school. It seems that everything is simple and clear – and learn the next ten years and let the parents “worried” after nine years of who child be. But there it was. If you do not think in principle about anything, and to go with the flow, relying on chance (and there are thousands), in the future will be a hodgepodge. That is after school parents “tucked” anywhere baby, it is something finished, and will be very lucky if his diploma will not only beautify the dresser in the main room.

But now the world just went crazy. A railway engineer takes us the measurements of the Windows, and puts their sales Manager. Dachshund yesterday, a lawyer and sociologist pushes the wheelbarrow to the Village. And I may continue these strange changes forever. About the social worker, who sells cosmetics, the Baker who lays paving slabs, the physics teacher, which carries water home on the television wizard that conceals the roof. Why would they bother to learn? Or not. Why they changed the kind of activity, not giving them a chance to experience the destiny of them to become the best teacher or the best Baker. It seems that study, the diploma and the work is parallel lines that do not intersect ever.

When moms tell me about someone. She supposedly put in him all birth – clubs, Tutors, the best school, and he told her: I want to be a psychologist. Funny, huh? Mother was not amused. She saw him at least a lawyer with so much potential, and he told her in high school said about psychology. Where he can work as a psychologist in the “LC”? In a kindergarten or school for a penny? Or maybe in the hospital where try device. Legally here you can earn only in local government or taking up arms. Grants and projects no matter where you were required psychologist. Private office trust last thing – who is going where people have money? And what remains? For fulfillment to be a psychologist, and for the budget to push a wheelbarrow for 300 UAH per day from the Village?

And I care about the question of the Ukrainian language. My child never start to speak it, because the school is doing all this for two hours a week along with foreign, and a little further, and all Ukrainian assign to an elective. So, like, he is, but no one does not understand. Teach, of course, the names of the days of the week and months, but sooner approximately taught Chinese – purely for the exotic. And whether with such knowledge to enter the graduate in Ukrainian University? Will I be able to pass the EIT. No, it’s obvious. And that’s another headache.

The best school in Lugansk is not the question now. But what’s next? And these thoughts do not give sleep and ache toothache – what is it? Or to hammer on all of this and make a universal item: as all? So live all over our street. All. Somehow let it be. If it’s so, then I can. Or more, still we recognize. Not now, but still recognize. Or here’s another: to leave I’m not going, but here I’ll be fine.

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Блог из Луганска: легально можно зарабатывать только в "правительстве" и в "армии"