Blogger completely dismantled a Samsung Galaxy S10 +

Блогер полностью разобрал смартфон Samsung Galaxy S10 +

Popular YouTube blogger under the nickname pwrdbykyank recorded a new video with a brand new flagship Samsung Galaxy S10 +. In the video he dismantled the smartphone to the smallest details.

By the way, in a disassembled view details to see the cutout for the front camera. This technology is gaining popularity among manufacturers of smartphones.

In addition, the advertised ultrasonic fingerprint sensor is different from the optical analogues used in most such phones. The Samsung Galaxy S10 + it is much thinner and smaller. Interestingly, having reviewed the smartphone, blogger easily assembled it again.

Specifications Samsung Galaxy S10 +. The smartphone has a 6.4-inch OLED display. Self-dual camera (10 MP + 8 MP). The main camera consists of 3 modules: a 12-megapixel wide angle module, 12-megapixel telephotometer and ultrasonically module 19 MP (the angle 123 degrees).

Blogger dismantled Samsung Galaxy S10 +

Battery capacity will be 4100 mAh. Also smart phones have got the function of reverse charging, i.e., the device can charge other devices.

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