Blogger: Former head of the SBU met in Donetsk Pushilin

Блогер: Бывший глава СБУ встречался в Донецке с Пушилиным

The former head of the security service of the presidency of Yanukovych Alexander Yakimenko visited Donetsk, where he had a meeting with the leader of the “DNR” Pushilin Denise.

“Cleaning up the traces of RF in the Donbas.

As previously reported, 18.03. night in Donetsk there arrived the delegation from the Russian Federation. Their Chile former head of the SBU Yakimenko A. G., all the time in Moscow. 19.03.2020 he held a number of meetings in the city and in the evening left Donetsk in the direction of Rostov.

First Yakimenko met on the street of Rosa Luxemburg, 2, where the Russian military supervisors. There he stayed for about 3 hours. After that went to meet with the “head of the Republic,” Pushilin.

According to the environment Pushilin, the head remained on the whole satisfied with the meeting. Yakimenko promised him my full support and despite the many dissatisfied with the work Pushilin, said he will continue to uphold his candidature on this post. (Obviously, in exchange for asserting the interests of the Yanukovych family).

According to environment Pushilin, Yakimenko allegedly said that the question of changing the head of the Republic is not relevant. Moscow is waiting for some important events in Ukraine and the adoption of some important decisions. “There’s our working on it,” – said Yakimenko. Only after this is clear that will continue to do Moscow in Donbass. (what is “ours”, is anyone’s guess)

Then Yakimenko together with dedicated Pushilin DNR officials visited a number of companies in Donetsk and Makeyevka. After that, the evening went to Rostov.

Environment Pushilin also know that from Moscow came the command to continue checking in the country, pursued by a group of 27 Russian auditors from various departments. Further examination allegedly due not only to the detection of theft. Verification establishes the real needs of DNR financial resources, the volume of consumption of food and manufactured goods, military needs: money, materials, equipment, weapons, ammunition, etc.

In addition, the Commission also “protects certain documents”, mainly the presence of Russian troops in the Donbas and the supply from Russia of weapons and ammunition.

According to reports these sweeps already had three. Obviously, the Kremlin periodically repeats the procedure. Presumably, withdraw the documents that must never fall into the hands of the Ukrainian authorities or international organizations. In the Hague you do not want!”, – noted “Liberal”.