Blogger from Belarus showed a beach-trash in Kirillovka (video)

Блогер из Беларуси показал пляж-помойку в Кирилловке (видео)

Kyrylivka – a popular resort village on the shore of the Azov sea. He is in demand not only among Ukrainian tourists. Kirillovka in recent years was chosen by the Belarusians. One of the bloggers Belarusians entire season touting Kyrylivka on the channel in YouTube. However, to ignore the mud on the coast and he could not.

The beach is a skip on Fedotova spit near a popular cafe-bar “Mint” it showed a month ago. And then decided to check what has changed. Turned out to be nothing.

Garbage containers on the beach side, as there was no and no. So right on the sand strewn bottles, plastic cups, old pallets. Particularly impressive is the path to the beach is a solid mess of bottles and paper. But the toilet is shocked holidaymakers.

The holiday season at sunset. However, what will it be next year depends, in particular, and owners of lodges, which, alas, do not attach importance to the presence of basic sanitary conditions for tourists. And it may happen that the Belarusians will look for a more comfortable place to relax on the Azov sea coast.