Blogger has created a map of physics, which explains everything in the Universe

He took an eight-minute video in which “fingers” shows how everything in this branch of science was started and what to expect afterwards.

Блогер создал карту физики, которая объясняет все во Вселенной

Blogger Dominic Walliman channel “Domain of Science” has created his own map of physics that explains everything in the Universe. He gradually tells each branch. Before the video, he warns that not understanding the great science will not understand it.

Dominic talks alternately about early physics, classical Isaac Newton, then about Einstein and his theories of special and General relativity; on the subspecies of quantum physics.

The guy talks about how much of the unknown and mysterious in the world. All this is just have to solve. He showed the connection of all branches and “pit,” in which the future of physics if they don’t solve vital issues.

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