Blogger proved that AMOLED displays 42% Autonomous IPS

Блогер доказал, что AMOLED-дисплеи на 42% автономнее IPS

The dark theme helped to keep the “life” Samsung Galaxy A50.

For purity of experiment the blogger have used 2 Samsung Galaxy phones A50. The bottom line is that these smartphones feature Super AMOLED displays and have the ability to install a dark theme that prolongs the autonomy of the gadget on the assurances of the manufacturer. Google reported savings of up to 60% battery when using a dark theme. For assertion checking, the blogger took 2 identical smartphone, turned off automatic brightness and set it at around 75%. Except that one device turned on dark theme.

To prove the blogger used the applications that support the dark design. And even mimicked everyday life: switched between them, sent messages and so on.

The difference in time use is found in the technology of AMOLED. The fact that IPS panel, roughly speaking, represent a multi-layer sandwich, which occupies much space in the smartphone and requires a perfect fit to each other in all layers. The second disadvantage of IPS – they are always highlighted: the image is illuminated always, even if you choose black color.

AMOLED works, and the use of LEDs, each of whom is an independent element that receives its share of energy. Therefore, when white color each diode, relatively speaking, get 100% energy, and with black – 0%. In this trick lies the battery.

Moreover, the blogger for the experiment used dark colours, not pure black, so the LEDs worked in any case, all the time. In the end, after a day of use smartphone with a dark theme, I had 42% charge, while “brother” with a light clearance to fully discharge.