Bloggers have created a flying robopress, which itself climbs the stairs: video

The emergence of robotic vacuum cleaners has significantly eased the lives of many people who have no time for independent house cleaning. However, even the most advanced models have one major drawback: they are not able to climb and descend the stairs. This means that from floor to floor robopress have to move manually.

Videoblogger engineers Peter Tripoli and William Osman of the United States solved this problem in a radical way: they “taught” robopress to fly, reports the New Atlas.

Features ribopyranose-quadcopter

The basis for the engineers took the cheap model ribopyranose, to the housing which is attached a propeller. In addition, the device provided a mounted guide, to protect him from the rotation at one place. The battery to power the propellers just attached to the lid.

After the first successful experiments, the engineers learned to fly a powerful robopress Roomba. The resulting device can climb stairs and conduct cleaning in high-rise buildings. However, to manage it with the transmitter still needs a human operator.

Demonstration of ribopyranose-kopter:

Flying robopress looks unusually, besides during the flight, it generates a lot of noise, and during takeoff and landing scatters dust propellers. Therefore, it is unknown whether will inspire some of the appliance manufacturers enthusiastic bloggers.

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