Bloggers showed “inner world” of the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S20

Disassembly of smartphones is practiced not only experts from the laboratory of iFixit, and other enthusiasts. The authors YouTube channel PBKreviews has published a video that provides a glimpse into the “inner world” of the flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S20.

In addition, the authors of the video have assessed the maintainability of the gadget. As it turned out, with some features of its design to cope it will be difficult even for experienced engineers.

Design features of the smartphone

To separate the back cover of the Samsung Galaxy S20 enthusiasts managed effortlessly with the help of special hair dryer and a plastic tool.

Mount most of the elements of the gadget is carried out by means of bolts and connectors, which simplifies the dismantling of the camera module, motherboard, ribbon cables and speakers of a device.

Disassembly of Samsung Galaxy S20 – watch videos

Design flaws

The main problem in repairing the gadget, the authors of the video called battery replacement. According to them, it is very close to the display module that is easily damaged when removing the battery.

Bloggers have suggested that such an operation would be difficult even for specialized service centers if they do not have a special device for safe separation of the battery from the hull.

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