Blokhin in a wheelchair attended the final of the Europa League: it became known cause (video)

Блохин на инвалидной коляске посетил финал Лиги Европы: стала известна причина (видео)

Legendary former football player of Kiev “Dynamo” Oleg Blokhin attended the final of the Europa League. The stadium in Baku, he moved in a wheelchair.

As it became known, Arena Sport, Oleh Blokhin recently underwent surgery. He had back problems, had surgery for hernia. The operation was successful. Now Oleg Blokhin’s process of recovery and the doctors recommended to measure the load when walking.

For this reason, the final match of the Europa League in Baku, where Chelsea defeated Arsenal, Blokhin was in a wheelchair.

Video Oleg Blokhin’s in a wheelchair