Blood and sweat: the Belarusian athlete won the marathon in spite of severe bleeding from the nose – 24 Channel

Кров'ю та потом: білоруська спортсменка виграла марафон попри сильну кровотечу з носа - 24 Канал

At the European Championships in athletics gold medal in the women’s marathon was won by Belarusian Olga Mazuranic. She won despite heavy bleeding from the nose, which she started during the race.

30 minutes of the race the girls started bleeding. To stop her Mazuranic tried using wipes, which wiped the face and used as tampons to stop the bleeding. This could affect the breathing of the athletes, that she could go the distance. However, the Belarusian kept on running, while being in the lead.

At the end of the marathon of Mazuranic almost went the distance. But not because of bleeding, and because of the fact that in a bad way. But managed to get back on track and finally win a marathon.

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