Blood is thicker than water: Anna Buzova tries to “reach out” to Olga

Кровь не водица: Анна Бузова пытается «достучаться» до Ольги

“Forgiveness” was able to Express with the help of the portrait, which is just a bit misleading. It is difficult to immediately understand which of the sisters depicted in it.

Conflicts between spouses is a usual thing in show business. Far fewer fans are faced with a situation when because of the scandal cease to communicate with each other blood relatives. That’s what happened with Olga and Anna Buzova: they have not restored relations after a stormy altercation, which occurred a few weeks ago. And, officially, the exact cause of the altercation was never divulged: a conflict occurred because of the envy Anna to a successful career, whether Olga are unable to see as a little sister successfully builds relationships. But for a long time ignoring each other could not last, because blood is thicker than water, and first tried to “reach out” to the eminent cousin Anna.

At least it can be interpreted in a misleading confusion portrait on canvas, which she introduced on his official page in Instagram. At first glance, it depicts a younger sister, but, he definitely discovered the features of Olga. This oddity has been noticed by hundreds of subscribers girls, stating that the portrait was drawn from the singer. Most likely by ordering this masterpiece, Anna wanted to show my sister that they were one, they have the same roots, and whatever happens, do not abandon a loved one.