Bloody pig mask and a funeral wreath. So the eBay employees were intimidated bloggers

Окровавленная маска свиньи и похоронный венок. Так сотрудники eBay запугивали блогеров

Not the best way of communicating with bloggers chose ex-eBay employees who decided to discourage the couple from criticism of the company. Six people, including two former top managers of the company accused of cyberstalking. They sent the editor and publisher of a newsletter about eBay boxes with live cockroaches, a funeral wreath, mask of bloody pigs and the book “How to survive the death of a spouse”.

Six former employees of eBay didn’t like that in their newsletters a couple of published material about judicial proceedings involving the company. The plan was to intimidate them. And if at first bloggers were sent anonymous letters with threats, then later switched to the frightening premise. And then promised to arrange a personal meeting and distribute the home address of victims.

The final stage of intimidation involves the installation of GPS tracker on car spouses.

Attorney Massachusetts, which will consider the matter, calls “emotional terrorism” actions of the former senior Director of eBay’s security and former Director for global sustainability. With them are four involved. Now to them threatens till 5 years of imprisonment and a fine of up to $250 thousand