Blown wheel caused the accident near Melitopol

Отлетевшее колесо спровоцировало аварию под Мелитополем

The accident occurred on the Kakhovska road, near the village of black earth yakymivs’kyi district.

According to the materials of the case submitted for consideration yakymivs’kyi district court, January 29, at about 10 p.m., Odessa-Melitopol-Novoazovsk occurred dorozhno-transport incident.

The car MAN, moving from Kherson to Melitopol, your wheel falls off and flew into the oncoming lane, where by unhappy chance this time was the Renault.

The car was traveling in the opposite direction, was it people miraculously escaped unharmed. The car received serious mechanical damages.

As the driver of the truck, his car went down the wheel nuts, causing the wheel came off.

Arrived at the scene, police made on the driver MAN report according to art. 124, Art.

For the offense, the court sentenced the culprit the penalty of 340 UAH, UAH 420 payment of court fee.