Blue Origin collects the team to help NASA

Blue Origin собирает свою команду в помощь НАСА

The Blue Origin company, specializing in the development of various space technologies and devices, today informed the public that already started to design the first working prototype lunar Shuttle for a space mission Artemis to return astronauts to the moon. Together with NASA, the company Blue Origin is making an active attempt to do so the Shuttle is really a reliable, multi-functional and thoughtful, but because of the guidelines of the company noted that the three individual partner work on different systems of the future space Shuttle, gradually bringing the project to its logical conclusion.

In particular, the very Blue Origin is engaged in thinking through and testing the basic engineering component of the space Shuttle, from its internal systems to additional specialized equipment whereby it can perform its work in automatic and semi-automatic mode. In addition, the company is working on a system of Descent take-off Element with which the Shuttle will be raised.

As for the other parties and project partners, among them the number of Lockheed Martin, working on Ascent Element – a system for automatic landing of the Shuttle on the moon, and Northrop Grumman, which is building on the Transfer Element – a special subsystem of the automatic flight of the Shuttle in the direction of the moon, which has many additional and hidden functions and algorithms, which allow the new lunar Shuttle to carry astronauts, but also be used as a commercial space Shuttle in future space missions.

It is worth noting the fact that at this stage the construction of a lunar Shuttle for a space mission Artemis is fast enough, but for the most part the specialists of all companies need some time to think through every technical detail of the Shuttle. With this in mind, it becomes obvious that the space mission Artemis can be really one of the most ambitious and interesting in its composition and in its objectives.

Blue Origin собирает свою команду в помощь НАСА

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