Blue Origin presented a prototype system for landing on the moon

Blue Origin представила прототип аппарата для высадки на Луну

The head of the American aerospace company Jeff Bezos unveiled a prototype of the spacecraft for a soft landing on the lunar surface. Developed by space ship was named Blue Moon.

The presentation took place behind closed doors – only for journalists and space sectors.

For them, Bezos showed the layout of the apparatus in full size. The ship, weighing almost 15 tons capable of carrying four all-terrain vehicle. The unit will operate on the newly developed rocket engine BE-7. Bezos Noted that the development of the unit was conducted over three years. Blue Moon will be able to make a soft landing on the lunar surface, with a payload of from 3.6 to 6.5 tons.

This incredible vehicle, and it will go to the moon. It’s time to return to the moon. And this time stay there
– saying Jeff Bezos.

The first test run of the machine without people scheduled for 2023.

Earlier, Vice-President Michael Penny said that the policy of the current administration is the return of American astronauts to the moon within five years. In turn, the Director of NASA Jim Breidenstein Noted that the United States will soon establish a permanent presence on the moon.

It is worth noting that a permanent human presence on the lunar surface is not expected. We are talking about what is on the surface of Earth’s satellite will be placed Rovers and other probes, as well as people who will go back and forth for a long time to do science. The project also envisages the construction of a lunar orbital station type, ISS.